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At Benjamin's we safely, effectively, and professionally remove pet spots of their stain and their smell so you can get back to enjoy your home and your pets.
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Snuggle Up, Odorlessly

Adorable as they are, family pets can sometimes leave undesirable marks in your living areas. Pet stains tend to penetrate deep into the carpet backing, the pad, or even the floor's subsurfaces, leading to persistent odors that are challenging to eliminate without professional assistance. At Benjamin's, our specialized training equips us to address both the surface and sub-surfaces of carpets, effectively extracting even the most deeply embedded pet spots. Importantly, our cleaning process doesn't rely on soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals, ensuring your floors are not only clean but also safe for your pets.
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The Benjamin Cleaning Process

Step 1
Benjamin's Experts will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of the affected area. Identify the extent of the pet stains and assess any potential damage to the carpet, padding, or underlying floor. This step is crucial for devising an effective cleaning strategy.
Step 2
Spot Treatment and Extraction
We will then apply targeted spot treatment to address the pet stains. Utilize specialized cleaning solutions designed to break down and neutralize the stains and odors. Employ professional-grade equipment for extraction to ensure effective removal of both surface and embedded contaminants.
Step 3
Deep Cleaning and Odor Neutralization
Benjamin's Experts will perform a deep cleaning of the entire affected area, focusing on both the carpet surface and sub-surfaces. Use advanced cleaning technology to extract any remaining residue and thoroughly neutralize odors. Ensure the cleaning process is gentle and free from soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals for a safe and pet-friendly environment.

Why Consider Professional Pet Spot Treatment?

Professionals offer expertise, specialized equipment, customized solutions, prevention strategies, complete odor removal, and gentle treatment to preserve carpet quality—outperforming DIY methods in effectively addressing and preventing pet stains and odors.

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Called to confirm Timely Very nice, polite, and accommodating No caustic chemicals Added deodorizer at extra cost
Did a wonderful job and consulted with us on some other cleaning. Will use again when we need other cleaning.
Very responsible, timely, well groomed and clean. Very reasonable. Best service I have had in a long time.
On time! Clean! The air duct cleaning service has helped my allergies go away almost immediately! Highly recommend this company!!!
Amazing service they left my couch perfectly clean almost like new again!
It’s hard to find good work ethic and service these days. Thank you so much Ben for an amazing job! Professional, Prompt and kind. Thank you!!

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Spots

If not treated, pet stains can create an unpleasant and unhealthy environment. Keep a clean, healthier home for you and your pets with Benjamin's.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon should I address a pet spot to prevent long-term damage?

    It’s crucial to address pet spots promptly to prevent stains from setting in and to minimize the risk of long-term damage to carpets and flooring.

  • Can professional pet spot treatment completely eliminate pet odors?

    Yes, professional pet spot treatment is designed to not only remove visible stains but also effectively neutralize and eliminate pet odors at their source, ensuring a fresh and clean environment.

  • Is pet spot treatment safe for my pets and family?

    Yes, professional pet spot treatment is formulated to be safe for both pets and family members. The use of non-toxic and pet-friendly cleaning solutions ensures a healthy and safe living environment.

  • How often should I schedule professional pet spot treatment?

    The frequency of professional pet spot treatment depends on factors such as the number of pets, the type of stains, and the level of foot traffic. Generally, regular treatments are recommended to maintain a clean and odor-free space.

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